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What our clients say

"Sudsy Moose soaps are lovely to use in the bath and shower. Just enough lather, fragrance and oil that leaves the skin feeling great."

Janette L., Hamilton.

"I went away from buying bars of soap years ago as they all tended to dry my skin out.  The first Sudsy Moose soap I tried was a lovely Daphne-scented one and I loved it! My skin felt soft and not dry at all.  So now I am using the lavender 'castile' one in the bathroom vanity as it is moist, and another one in the shower.  The scent of the soaps lingers on your skin, not washed away as is often the way with commercial soaps and shower gels.  Genuine product, genuine friendly service from Grere (The Moose) - recommended to everyone to at least try one, but I am sure, like me, you will get addicted and want to buy different scents"

Lynda W., Hamilton

"Love your product, I always smell so awesome after and feel so soft and yummy!"

StaceyJ Designer, Hutt Valley

"That Tuatara Beer Soap!!!! 10/10!  Oh my gosh, it is amazing!"

Jacob C., Auckland

"Love the heart mandala stone. just as beautiful as shown via posts. I'd be happy to pay more as alot of love and time put into this creation. As for the soaps, devine. Generous size and they smell delicious. Delivery was next day! All up a fantastic purchase at very reasonable prices. Thank you!".  
Shelley M., Auckland.


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