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Blacksmith's Soap - with Aloe and Borax

Sudsy Moose



Blacksmith, plumber, gardener, mechanic - whatever your jam, you've got dirty hands and they need cleaning! The secret ingredient (shhhhh - don't tell) is Borax. Yes, Borax! Well, that and ground pumice and orange peel.  Borax is a washing soda which provides extra cleaning and de-greasing power, while pumice and orange peel provide the scrub factor. Aloe concentrate is used for kindness to skin, and a selection of essential oils are added to create a fresh, clean, slightly astringent fragrance: Lemongrass, Elemi, Patchouli and Pine. Bars also include activated charcoal, which is good for detoxifying the skin.  

Big bars weigh minimum 123g, and little oval bars with 80g minimum. Please select from the drop down box and note the price difference.


Olive Oil, Soybean Oil (Hydrogenated), Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Distilled Water, Lye, Borax powder, Ground Pumice, Ground Orange Peel, Activated Charcoal, Aloe Concentrate, Essential Oils.

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