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Set of Hand Painted Delft-Inspired Stones and Shell

Artsy Moose

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These beautiful little pieces are inspired by the Dutch blue and white delftware ceramics. 

I decided I would try to sell these as a four-piece set because they look so good together.  If there is no interest in the set I will look at breaking it up to sell individual pieces.  Please send a message via the 'contact us' form if you are interested in one or two pieces only so I can give you first dibs.

They are all pretty tiny.  The two smallest are approx 3.5cm x 4cm diameter, the larger stone is approx 4.5cm x 4cm and the shell is approx 6cm diameter.

Painted in an indoor-outdoor acrylic with a spray sealant, but ideally they would not be left outside in harsh weather.


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