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'The Bright Family' Mandala Stones

Artsy Moose



These stones are all painted using the same colours, but because of the placement of colours they look completely different. Colours used are yellow, two shades of orange, three shades of teal green, two shades of purple, and all with copper metallic accents (except the two babies). They look great as a collection, or can be bought individually.  

The big fella measures approx 9.5 x 7cm ( yellow outer dots) SOLD

The next one is approx 7 x 6.5cm (orange outer dots).  Please note the other slightly smaller one with purple outer dots has already sold (not pictured individually).

The bigger of the two small ones is approx 4.5cm in diameter (yellow outer dots) SOLD, and the very small one is 4cm diameter (orange outer dots) SOLD but has just as many dots as the other one.

Like all my painted stones, they are lovingly handpainted in indoor/outdoor acrylic and spray sealed.  Recommended for indoors but will tolerate outdoor conditions (but I cannot guarantee longevity).  

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