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The Pink Ladies - Hand Painted Stones

Artsy Moose



Lovingly crafted in pink tones using indoor outdoor acrylic paints with a light spray varnish.  Recommended for indoors, but can withstand some outdoor living if the weather conditions are not too harsh.

Stones being stones all vary in shape and size - but these ladies can be recognised easily by their height.

Tall Pink Lady is approx 3.5cm tall, 6 x 5.5cm diameter SOLD

Regular Pink Lady is about 2.5cm high, 6.5 x 6cm diameter 

Little Pink Lady is about 2cm high, 5.5 x 5cm diameter SOLD

N.B In the photo with the tape measure, the tall lady is the one in the middle.

Please select your stone from the drop-down menu - note the price change accordingly.

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